PDFRCW 9.41.325

Undetectable or untraceable firearmsPenalties.

(1) No person may knowingly or recklessly allow, facilitate, aid, or abet the manufacture or assembly of an undetectable firearm or untraceable firearm by a person who: (a) Is ineligible under state or federal law to possess a firearm; or (b) has signed a valid voluntary waiver of firearm rights that has not been revoked under RCW 9.41.350. For purposes of this provision, the failure to conduct a background check as provided in RCW 9.41.113 shall be prima facie evidence of recklessness.
(2)(a) Any person violating this section is guilty of a gross misdemeanor punishable under chapter 9A.20 RCW.
(b) If a person previously has been found guilty under this section, then the person is guilty of a class C felony punishable under chapter 9A.20 RCW for each subsequent knowing violation of this section. A person is guilty of a separate offense for each and every firearm to which this section applies.
[ 2019 c 243 § 2.]


Effective date2019 c 243: See note following RCW 9.41.010.