PDFRCW 9.68A.105

Additional fee assessment.

(1)(a) In addition to penalties set forth in RCW 9.68A.100, 9.68A.101, and 9.68A.102, an adult offender who is either convicted or given a deferred sentence or a deferred prosecution or who has entered into a statutory or nonstatutory diversion agreement as a result of an arrest for violating RCW 9.68A.100, 9.68A.101, or 9.68A.102, or a comparable county or municipal ordinance shall be assessed a five thousand dollar fee.
(b) The court may not reduce, waive, or suspend payment of all or part of the fee assessed unless it finds, on the record, that the adult offender does not have the ability to pay in which case it may reduce the fee by an amount up to two-thirds of the maximum allowable fee.
(2) Fees assessed under this section shall be collected by the clerk of the court and remitted to the treasurer of the county where the offense occurred for deposit in the county general fund, except in cases in which the offense occurred in a city or town that provides for its own law enforcement, in which case these amounts shall be remitted to the treasurer of the city or town for deposit in the general fund of the city or town. Revenue from the fees must be used for local efforts to reduce the commercial sale of sex including, but not limited to, increasing enforcement of commercial sex laws.
(a) At least fifty percent of the revenue from fees imposed under this section must be spent on prevention, including education programs for offenders, such as john school, and rehabilitative services for victims, such as mental health and substance abuse counseling, parenting skills, training, housing relief, education, vocational training, drop-in centers, and employment counseling.
(b) Two percent of the revenue from fees imposed under this section shall be remitted quarterly to the department of commerce, together with a report detailing the fees assessed, the revenue received, and how that revenue was spent.
(c) Revenues from these fees are not subject to the distribution requirements under RCW 3.50.100, 3.62.020, 3.62.040, 10.82.070, or 35.20.220.
(3) For the purposes of this section:
(a) "Statutory or nonstatutory diversion agreement" means an agreement under RCW 13.40.080 or any written agreement between a person accused of an offense listed in subsection (1) of this section and a court, county or city prosecutor, or designee thereof, whereby the person agrees to fulfill certain conditions in lieu of prosecution.
(b) "Deferred sentence" means a sentence that will not be carried out if the defendant meets certain requirements, such as complying with the conditions of probation.
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