PDFRCW 12.20.070

Proceedings where title to land is involved.

If it appear on the trial of any cause before a justice of the peace, from the evidence of either party, that the title to lands is in question, which title shall be disputed by the other, the justice shall immediately make an entry thereof in his or her docket, and cease all further proceedings in the cause, and shall certify and return to the superior court of the county, a transcript of all the entries made in his or her docket, relating to the cause, together with all the process and other papers relating to the action, in the same manner, and within the same time, as upon an appeal; and thereupon the parties shall file their pleadings, and the superior court shall proceed in the cause to final judgment and execution, in the same manner as if the said action had been originally commenced therein, and the cost shall abide the event of the suit.
[ 2010 c 8 § 3037; Code 1881 § 1868; 1873 p 369 § 167; 1854 p 235 § 69; RRS § 1863.]