PDFRCW 12.36.020

AppealProcedureNotice filingFeeBond or undertakingServiceCosts of record preparation.

(1) To appeal a judgment or decision in a small claims action, an appellant shall file a notice of appeal in the district court, pay the statutory superior court filing fee, post the required bond or undertaking, and serve a copy of the notice of appeal on all parties of record within thirty days after the judgment is rendered or decision made.
(2) No appeal may be allowed, nor proceedings on the judgment or decision stayed, unless a bond or undertaking shall be executed on the part of the appellant and filed with and approved by the district court. The bond or undertaking shall be executed with two or more personal sureties, or a surety company as surety, to be approved by the district court, in a sum equal to twice the amount of the judgment and costs, or twice the amount in controversy, whichever is greater, conditioned that the appellant will pay any judgment, including costs, as may be rendered on appeal. No bond is required if the appellant is a county, city, town, or school district.
(3) When an appellant has filed a notice of appeal, paid the statutory superior court filing fee and the costs of preparation of the complete record as set forth in *RCW 3.62.060(7), and posted the bond or undertaking as required, the clerk of the district court shall immediately file a copy of the notice of appeal, the filing fee, and the bond or undertaking with the superior court.
[ 1998 c 52 s 1; 1997 c 352 s 8; 1929 c 58 s 2; RRS s 1911. Prior: 1891 c 29 s 1; Code 1881 s 1859; 1873 p 367 ss 157, 158; 1854 p 252 ss 161, 162.]


*Reviser's note: RCW 3.62.060 was amended by 2009 c 372 s 1, changing subsection (7) to subsection (8). RCW 3.62.060 was subsequently amended by 2011 1st sp.s. c 44 s 4, changing subsection (8) to subsection (1)(h).