PDFRCW 12.36.030

Stay of proceedingsProceduresReturn of property upon stayEnforcement upon denial.

When an appeal and any necessary bond or undertaking are properly filed in superior court pursuant to RCW 12.36.020(3), the appellant may move in superior court to stay all further proceedings in the district court. If the stay is granted, all further proceedings in district court on the judgment shall be suspended. If proceedings have commenced on motion of the appellant the court may order the proceedings halted and such process recalled.
If any property is held pursuant to such proceedings at the time the stay is granted and the process recalled, such property shall be returned immediately to the party entitled to such property.
If the requested stay is denied, or no stay is requested, the judgment will be enforced in superior court in the same manner as any other judgment rendered in that court.
[ 1998 c 52 s 2; 1997 c 352 s 9; 1929 c 58 s 3; RRS s 1912. Prior: Code 1881 s 1861; 1873 p 368 s 160; 1854 p 252 s 164.]