PDFRCW 14.20.030

Application for licenseContents.

Applications for an aircraft dealer's license shall contain:
(1) The name under which the dealer's business is conducted and the address of the dealer's established place of business;
(2) The residence address of each owner, director, or principal officer of the aircraft dealer, and, if a foreign corporation, the state of incorporation and names of its resident officers or managers;
(3) The make or makes of aircraft for which franchised, if any;
(4) Whether or not used aircraft are dealt in;
(5) A certificate that the applicant is a dealer having an established place of business at the address shown on the application, which place of business is open during regular business hours to inspection by the secretary or his or her representatives; and
(6) Whether or not the applicant has ever been denied an aircraft dealer's license or has had one which has been denied, suspended, or revoked.
[ 2010 c 8 s 5009; 1984 c 7 s 11; 1955 c 150 s 3.]