PDFRCW 17.24.041

Power to adopt quarantine measuresRules.

If determined to be necessary to protect the forest, agricultural, horticultural, floricultural, beekeeping, or environmental interests of this state, the director may declare a quarantine against an area, place, nursery, orchard, vineyard, apiary, or other agricultural establishment, county or counties within the state, or against other states, territories, or foreign countries, or a portion of these areas, in reference to plant pests, or bee pests, or noxious weeds, or genetically engineered plant or plant pest organisms. The director may prohibit the movement of all regulated articles from such quarantined places or areas that are likely to contain such plant pests or noxious weeds or genetically engineered plant, plant pest, or bee pest organisms. The quarantine may be made absolute or rules may be adopted prescribing the conditions under which the regulated articles may be moved into, or sold, or otherwise disposed of in the state.
[ 1991 c 257 s 8.]