PDFRCW 17.24.051

Introduction of plant pests, noxious weeds, or organisms affecting plant lifeSpecial transit permit for brush, yard waste, or debris generated inside a quarantine area for apple maggot.

(1) The introduction into or release within the state of a plant pest, noxious weeds, bee pest, or any other organism that may directly or indirectly affect the plant life of the state as an injurious pest, parasite, predator, or other organism is prohibited, except under special permit issued by the department under rules adopted by the director. A special permit is not required for the introduction or release within the state of a genetically engineered plant or plant pest organism if the introduction or release has been approved under provisions of federal law and the department has been notified of the planned introduction or release. The department shall be the sole issuing agency for the permits. Except for research projects approved by the department, no permit for a biological control agent shall be issued unless the department has determined that the parasite, predator, or plant pathogen is target organism or plant specific and not likely to become a pest of nontarget plants or other beneficial organisms. The director may also exclude biological control agents that are infested with parasites determined to be detrimental to the biological control efforts of the state. The department may rely upon findings of the United States department of agriculture or any experts that the director may deem appropriate in making a determination about the threat posed by such organisms. In addition, the director may request confidential business information subject to the conditions in RCW 17.24.061.
(2) Plant pests, noxious weeds, or other organisms introduced into or released within this state in violation of this section shall be subject to detention and disposition as otherwise provided in this chapter.
(3) Upon the request of a city or town that is located partially inside a quarantine area for apple maggot established by the department, the department may issue a special transit permit for the limited purpose of transporting brush and yard waste or debris generated within the city or town through a pest free area to a destination located inside a quarantine area for apple maggot established by the department, subject to conditions and provisions which the director may prescribe to prevent introduction, escape, or spread of the quarantined pests.
[ 2018 c 147 s 2; 1991 c 257 s 9.]