PDFRCW 17.24.091

Impound and disposition.

(1) If upon inspection, the director finds that an inspected plant or plant product or bees are infected or infested or that a regulated article is being held or transported in violation of a rule or quarantine of the department, the director shall notify the owner that a violation of this chapter exists. The director may impound or order the impounding of the infected or infested or regulated article in such a manner as may be necessary to prevent the threat of infestation. The notice shall be in writing and sent by certified mail or personal service identifying the impounded article and giving notice that the articles will be treated, returned to the shipper or to a quarantined area, or destroyed in a manner as to prevent infestation. The impounded article shall not be destroyed unless the director determines that (a) no effective treatment can be carried out; and (b) the impounded article cannot be returned to the shipper or shipped back to a quarantine area without threat of infestation to this state; and (c) mere possession by the owner constitutes an emergency.
(2) Before taking action to treat, return, or destroy the impounded article, the director shall notify the owner of the owner's right to a hearing before the director under chapter 34.05 RCW. Within ten days after the notice has been given the owner may request a hearing. The request must be in writing.
(3) The cost to impound articles along with the cost, if any, to treat, return, or destroy the articles shall be at the owner's expense. The owner is not entitled to compensation for infested or infected articles destroyed by the department under this section.
[ 1991 c 257 s 13.]