PDFRCW 17.24.100

PenaltiesSecond and subsequent offenses.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, every person who violates or fails to comply with any rule or regulation adopted and promulgated by the director of agriculture in accordance with and under the provision of this chapter is guilty of a misdemeanor.
(2) A second and each subsequent violation or failure to comply with the provisions of this chapter or rule or regulation adopted hereunder is a gross misdemeanor.
[ 2003 c 53 s 119; 1981 c 296 s 26; 1927 c 292 s 7; RRS s 2786. Prior: 1921 c 105 s 7.]


IntentEffective date2003 c 53: See notes following RCW 2.48.180.
Severability1981 c 296: See note following RCW 15.08.010.