PDFRCW 19.28.031

Rules, regulations, and standards.

(1) Prior to January 1st of each year, the director shall obtain an authentic copy of the national electrical code, latest revision. The department, after consulting with the board and receiving the board's recommendations, shall adopt reasonable rules in furtherance of safety to life and property. All rules shall be kept on file by the department. Compliance with the rules shall be prima facie evidence of compliance with this chapter. The department upon request shall deliver to all persons, firms, partnerships, corporations, or other entities licensed under this chapter a copy of the rules.
(2) The department shall also obtain and keep on file an authentic copy of any applicable regulations and standards of any electrical product testing laboratory which is accredited by the department prescribing rules, regulations, and standards for electrical materials, devices, appliances, and equipment, including any modifications and changes that have been made during the previous year.
[ 1993 c 275 § 3; 1988 c 81 § 3; 1986 c 156 § 3; 1983 c 206 § 4; 1965 ex.s. c 117 § 2; 1935 c 169 § 10; RRS § 8307-10. Formerly RCW 19.28.060.]