PDFRCW 19.28.095

Equipment repair specialtyScope of work.

(1) The scope of work for the equipment repair specialty involves servicing, maintaining, repairing, or replacing utilization equipment or wiring, appliances, devices, or equipment as specified by rule of the department.
(2) "Utilization equipment" means equipment that is: (a) Self-contained on a single skid or frame; (b) factory built to standardized sizes or types; (c) listed or field evaluated by a laboratory or approved by the department under WAC 296-46B-030; and (d) connected as a single unit to a single source of electrical power limited to a maximum of six hundred volts. The equipment may also be connected to a separate single source of electrical control power limited to a maximum of two hundred fifty volts. Utilization equipment does not include devices used for occupant space heating by industrial, commercial, hospital, educational, public, and private commercial buildings, and other end users.
(3) "Servicing, maintaining, repairing, or replacing utilization equipment" includes:
(a) The like-in-kind replacement of the equipment if the same unmodified electrical circuit is used to supply the equipment being replaced;
(b) The like-in-kind replacement or repair of remote control components that are integral to the operation of the equipment;
(c) The like-in-kind replacement or repair of electrical components within the equipment; and
(d) The disconnection, replacement, and reconnection of low-voltage control and line voltage supply whips not over six feet in length provided there are no modifications to the characteristics of the branch circuit.
(4) "Servicing, maintaining, repairing, or replacing utilization equipment" does not include:
(a) The installation, repair, or modification of wiring that interconnects equipment and/or remote components, branch circuit conductors, services, feeders, panelboards, disconnect switches, motor control centers, remote magnetic starters/contactors, or raceway/conductor systems interconnecting multiple equipment or other electrical components;
(b) Any work providing electrical feeds into the power distribution unit or installation of conduits and raceways; or
(c) Any electrical work governed under article(s) 500, 501, 502, 503, 504, 505, 510, 511, 513, 514, 515, or 516 NEC (i.e., classified locations), except for electrical work in sewage pumping stations.
[ 2016 c 198 s 1; 2003 c 399 s 602.]


Part headings not law2003 c 399: See note following RCW 19.28.006.