PDFRCW 19.28.325

EnforcementLocal authorityPenaltiesAppeals.

This chapter shall not limit the authority or power of any city or town where electrical inspections are required by local ordinances to enact and enforce under authority given by law, any ordinance, rule, or regulation enforcing the same requirements of this chapter for having or possessing or displaying a license or a certificate, employing certified individuals, supervision of trainees, or duties of an administrator in their respective jurisdictions. Penalties are to be established within the limits provided in this chapter. No person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other entity may be penalized by both a city or town and the department for the same violation. Each day that a person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other entity violates this chapter is a separate violation. Penalties upheld through an appellate process of a city or town may be appealed to the board by filing a written notice of appeal to the secretary of the board. All costs of an appeal under this section payable from the electrical license fund shall be reimbursed by the city or town that is party to the matter. The process for service and hearings before the board shall be conducted according to the rules enacted by the department.
[ 2018 c 240 s 2.]