PDFRCW 19.28.470

InspectionsReportRequired repairs/changesAccessibility of telecommunications systems.

(1) The director shall require permits and require an inspector to inspect all installations of telecommunications systems on the customer side of the network demarcation point for projects greater than ten outlets. However:
(a) All projects penetrating fire barriers, passing through hazardous locations and all backbone installations regardless of size shall be inspected;
(b) All installations in single-family residences, duplex residences, and horizontal cabling systems within apartment residential units, including cooperatives and condominiums, do not require permits or inspections;
(c) No permits or inspections may be required for installation or replacement of cord and plug connected telecommunications equipment or for patch cord and jumper cross-connected equipment;
(d) The chief electrical inspector may allow a building owner or licensed electrical/telecommunications contractor to apply for annual permitting and regularly scheduled inspection of telecommunications installations made by licensed electrical/telecommunications contractors or the building owner for large commercial and industrial installations where:
(i) The building owner or licensed electrical/telecommunications contractor has a full-time telecommunications maintenance staff or a yearly maintenance contract with a licensed electrical/telecommunications contractor;
(ii) The permit is purchased before beginning any telecommunications work; and
(iii) The building owner or licensed electrical/telecommunications contractor assumes responsibility for correcting all installation deficiencies.
(2) Upon request, the department shall make the required inspection within forty-eight hours. The forty-eight hour period excludes holidays, Saturdays, and Sundays.
(3) A written report of the inspection, which plainly and clearly states any corrections or changes required, shall be made by the inspector. A copy of the report shall be furnished to the person or entity doing the installation work, and a copy shall be filed by the department.
(4) Whenever the installation of any telecommunications cabling and associated hardware is not in accordance with this chapter, or is in such a condition as to be dangerous to life or property, the person, firm, partnership, corporation, or other entity owning, using, or operating it shall be notified by the department and shall within fifteen working days, or such further reasonable time as may upon request be granted, make such repairs and changes as are required to remove the danger to life or property and to make it conform to this chapter. The director, through the inspector, is empowered to disconnect or order the discontinuance of the telecommunications cabling or electrical service to conductors or equipment that are found to be in a dangerous or unsafe condition and not in accordance with this chapter. Upon making a disconnection, the inspector shall attach a notice stating that the conductors have been found dangerous to life or property and are not in accordance with this chapter. It is unlawful for any person to reconnect such defective conductors or equipment without the approval of the department, and until the conductors and equipment have been placed in a safe and secure condition that complies with this chapter.
(5) The director, through the electrical inspector, has the right during reasonable hours to enter into and upon any building or premises in the discharge of his or her official duties related to permitting activities for the purpose of making any inspection or test of the installation of new or altered telecommunications systems contained in or on the buildings or premises. No telecommunications cabling subject to this chapter may be concealed until it has been approved by the inspector making the inspection. At the time of the inspection, wiring or equipment subject to this chapter must be sufficiently accessible to permit the inspector to verify installation conformance with the adopted codes and any other requirements of this chapter.
[ 2000 c 238 § 211.]


Severability2000 c 238: See note following RCW 19.28.301.