PDFRCW 19.60.020

Duty to record information.

(1) Every pawnbroker and secondhand dealer doing business in this state shall maintain wherever that business is conducted a record in which shall be legibly written in the English language, at the time of each transaction the following information:
(a) The signature of the person with whom the transaction is made;
(b) The date of the transaction;
(c) The name of the person or employee or the identification number of the person or employee conducting the transaction, as required by the applicable chief of police or the county's chief law enforcement officer;
(d) The name, date of birth, sex, height, weight, race, and address and telephone number of the person with whom the transaction is made;
(e) A complete description of the property pledged, bought, or consigned, including the brand name, serial number, model number or name, any initials or engraving, size, pattern, and color or stone or stones, and in the case of firearms, the caliber, barrel length, type of action, and whether it is a pistol, rifle, or shotgun;
(f) The price paid or the amount loaned;
(g) The type and identifying number of identification used by the person with whom the transaction was made, which shall consist of a valid driver's license or identification card issued by any state or two pieces of identification issued by a governmental agency, one of which shall be descriptive of the person identified. At all times, one piece of current government issued picture identification will be required; and
(h) The nature of the transaction, a number identifying the transaction, the store identification as designated by the applicable law enforcement agency, or the name and address of the business and the name of the person or employee, conducting the transaction, and the location of the property.
(2) This record shall at all times during the ordinary hours of business, or at reasonable times if ordinary hours of business are not kept, be open to the inspection of any commissioned law enforcement officer of the state or any of its political subdivisions, and shall be maintained wherever that business is conducted, or at the secondhand dealer's principal place of business if the transaction took place through the use of an automated kiosk, for three years following the date of the transaction.
[ 2017 c 169 s 2; 1991 c 323 s 2; 1984 c 10 s 3; 1909 c 249 s 229; RRS s 2481.]