PDFRCW 19.150.100

Payment prior to sale by persons claiming a right to the property.

Prior to any sale pursuant to RCW 19.150.080, any person claiming a right to the personal property may pay the amount necessary to satisfy the lien and one month's rent in advance. In that event, the personal property may not be sold, but must be retained by the owner pending a court order directing the disposition of the personal property. If such an order is not obtained within thirty days of the original payment, the claimant must pay the monthly rental charge for the space where the personal property is stored. If rent is not paid, the owner may sell or dispose of the personal property in accordance with RCW 19.150.080. The owner has no liability to a claimant who fails to secure a court order in a timely manner or pay the required rental charge for any sale or other disposition of the personal property.
[ 2007 c 113 § 6; 1988 c 240 § 11.]