PDFRCW 19.178.020

NoticeRecordingDisplayService on attorney general.

(1) It is unlawful for a person to sell, offer for sale, or advertise for sale merchandise at a going out of business sale without first recording a notice of the going out of business sale and executing an affidavit of inventory under this chapter.
(2) The notice of the sale must be displayed in a prominent place on the premises where a going out of business sale is being conducted.
(3) Where a going out of business sale is part of a bankruptcy, receivership, or other court-ordered action, a person required by this chapter to record a notice of the sale shall serve a copy of the petition, motion, proposed order, or other pleading requesting court approval of the sale on the attorney general no less than seven days before the date on which an action may be taken related to the conduct of the sale by a court.
[ 1993 c 456 s 3.]