PDFRCW 19.280.050

Consumer-owned utilities.

(1) The governing body of a consumer-owned utility that develops a plan under this chapter shall encourage participation of its consumers in development of the plans and progress reports and approve the plans and progress reports after it has provided public notice and hearing.
(2) Each consumer-owned utility shall transmit a copy of its plan to the department by September 1, 2008, and transmit subsequent progress reports or plans to the department at least every two years thereafter. The department shall develop, in consultation with utilities, a common cover sheet that summarizes the essential data in their plans or progress reports.
(3) Consumer-owned utilities may develop plans of a similar type jointly with other consumer-owned utilities. Data and assessments included in joint reports must be identifiable to each individual utility.
(4) To minimize duplication of effort and maximize efficient use of utility resources, in developing their plans under RCW 19.280.030, consumer-owned utilities are encouraged to use resource planning concepts, techniques, and information provided to and by organizations such as the United States department of energy, the Northwest planning and conservation council, Pacific Northwest utility conference committee, and other state, regional, national, and international entities, and, for the 2008 plan, as appropriate, are encouraged to use and be consistent with relevant determinations required under Title XII - Electricity; Subtitle E, Sections 1251 - 1254 of the federal energy policy act of 2005.
[ 2006 c 195 § 5.]