PDFRCW 19.280.110

Transmission servicesConsideration to conditional firm service.

(1) Electric utilities must in their planning and selection of renewable resources give reasonable consideration, consistent with prudent utility practice, to renewable resources that would use transmission services considered to be conditional firm under the tariff of the relevant transmission provider. For the purposes of this section, conditional firm service means any form of long-term firm point-to-point transmission service in which transmission customers are able to reserve service subject to specific and limited conditions under which the transmission provider may curtail the transmission customer's reservation of service prior to curtailment of other firm service.
(2) Electric utilities are encouraged to participate and contribute to statewide or multiutility planning activities and through interstate transmission planning processes.
(3) Electric utilities must consult with federal, interstate, and voluntary industry organizations with a role in the bulk power transmission system, including but not limited to the Bonneville power administration, the Pacific Northwest electric power and conservation planning council, NorthernGrid, the Western Power Pool, and public interest organizations in improving the planning and development of transmission capacity consistent with chapter 229, Laws of 2023.
[ 2023 c 229 § 3.]


FindingIntent2023 c 229: See note following RCW 19.280.030.