PDFRCW 19.335.005


The legislature finds and declares that the practice of persons using the allure of untapped benefits from the United States department of veterans affairs to market products and services substantially affects the public interest. This practice may impact the ability of veterans or their surviving spouses to appropriately plan their finances or care. The legislature further finds that the lack of regulation of persons who provide advice related to veterans' benefits is inadequate to address unfair and deceptive practices that exist in the marketplace and has contributed to the unauthorized practice of law and the use and marketing of financial planning options that are potentially detrimental to the veteran, their spouse, and family. It is the intent of the legislature, through this chapter, to restrict how individuals receive compensation and remuneration for providing assistance with veterans' benefit-related services and to encourage certain disclosures from individuals offering veterans' benefit-related services.
[ 2014 c 67 s 1.]