PDFRCW 22.09.160

Rights and duties of licenseesDisposition of hazardous commodities.

(1) If a warehouse operator discovers that as a result of a quality or condition of a certain commodity placed in his or her warehouse, including identity preserved commodities as provided for in RCW 22.09.130(2), of which he or she had no notice at the time of deposit, such commodity is a hazard to other commodities or to persons or to the warehouse he or she may notify the depositor that it will be removed. If the depositor does not accept delivery of such commodity upon removal the warehouse operator may sell the commodity at public or private sale without advertisement but with reasonable notification of the sale to all persons known to claim an interest in the commodity. If the warehouse operator after a reasonable effort is unable to sell the commodity, he or she may dispose of it in any other lawful manner and shall incur no liability by reason of such disposition.
(2) At any time prior to sale or disposition as authorized in this section, the warehouse operator shall deliver the commodity to any person entitled to it, upon proper demand and payment of charges.
(3) From the proceeds of sale or other disposition of the commodity the warehouse operator may satisfy his or her charges for which otherwise he or she would have a lien, and shall hold the balance thereof for delivery on the demand of any person to whom he or she would have been required to deliver the commodity.
[ 2011 c 336 § 610; 1963 c 124 § 16.]