RCW 23.100.0608

Suspension of director by board.

(1) A board of directors may suspend a director if, considering the director's course of conduct and the inadequacy of other available remedies, immediate suspension is necessary for the best interests of the association and the director is engaging, or has engaged, in:
(a) Fraudulent conduct with respect to the association or its members;
(b) Abuse of the position of director;
(c) Intentional or reckless infliction of harm on the association;
(d) Failure to substantially perform the duties of a director;
(e) Actions not in the best interests of the association;
(f) Behavior that is disruptive to the proceedings of the board of directors; or
(g) Any other behavior, act, or omission as provided by the organic rules.
(2) A suspension under this section is effective until the next meeting of members at which directors are elected.
(3) A director suspended under this section is, during the period of suspension, treated as though not a director.
(4) A suspension under this section requires concurrence of two-thirds of the full membership of the board of directors, excluding the director who is the subject of the vote to suspend.
[ 2019 c 37 § 608.]