RCW 23.100.1303

Plan of conversion.

(1) A qualifying entity may convert to a limited cooperative association under this subchapter by approving a plan of conversion. The plan must be in a record and contain:
(a) The name and type of entity of the converting entity;
(b) The name of the converted entity;
(c) The manner of converting the interests in the converting entity into interests, securities, obligations, money, other property, rights to acquire interests or securities, or any combination of the foregoing;
(d) The proposed public organic record of the converted entity if it will be a filing entity;
(e) The full text of the private organic rules of the converted entity which are proposed to be in a record;
(f) The other terms and conditions of the conversion; and
(g) Any other provision required by the law of this state or the organic rules of the converting entity.
(2) In addition to the requirements of subsection (1) of this section, a plan of conversion may contain any other provision not prohibited by law.
[ 2019 c 37 § 1303.]