RCW 28A.343.020

Certain school districtsElection for formation of new school district.

Whenever an election shall be held for the purpose of securing the approval of the voters for the formation of a new school district other than a school district of the first class having within its boundaries a city with a population of four hundred thousand people or more, if requested by one of the boards of directors of the school districts affected, there shall also be submitted to the voters at the same election a proposition to authorize the board of directors to divide the school district, if formed, into five directors' districts in first-class school districts and a choice of five directors' districts or no fewer than three directors' districts with the balance of the directors to be elected at large in second-class school districts. Such director districts in second-class districts, if approved, shall not become effective until the regular school election following the next regular school election at which time a new board of directors shall be elected as provided in *RCW 28A.315.550. Such director districts in first-class districts, if approved, shall not become effective until the next regular school election at which time a new board of directors shall be elected as provided in *RCW 28A.315.600, 28A.315.610, and 28A.315.620. Each of the five directors shall be elected from among the residents of the respective director district, or from among the residents of the entire school district in the case of directors at large, by the electors of the entire school district.
[ 1991 c 363 § 22; 1991 c 288 § 3. Prior: 1990 c 161 § 5; 1990 c 33 § 319; 1985 c 385 § 27; 1979 ex.s. c 183 § 2; 1975 c 43 § 8; 1973 2nd ex.s. c 21 § 2; 1971 c 67 § 2; 1969 ex.s. c 223 § 28A.57.342; prior: 1959 c 268 § 4. Formerly RCW 28A.315.580, 28A.57.342, 28.57.342.]


Reviser's note: *(1) RCW 28A.315.550, 28A.315.600, 28A.315.610, and 28A.315.620 were recodified as RCW 28A.343.680, 28A.343.620, 28A.343.630, and 28A.343.640, respectively, pursuant to 1999 c 315 § 805.
(2) This section was amended by 1991 c 288 § 3 and by 1991 c 363 § 22, each without reference to the other. Both amendments are incorporated in the publication of this section pursuant to RCW 1.12.025(2). For rule of construction, see RCW 1.12.025(1).
PurposeCaptions not law1991 c 363: See notes following RCW 2.32.180.
Severability1985 c 385: See note following RCW 28A.315.025.
Effective date1979 ex.s. c 183: "This amendatory act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety, the support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and shall take effect on July 1, 1979." [ 1979 ex.s. c 183 § 12.]
Severability1979 ex.s. c 183: "If any provision of this amendatory act or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the remainder of the act or the application of the provision to other persons or circumstances is not affected." [ 1979 ex.s. c 183 § 13.]
Effective dateSeverability1975 c 43: See notes following RCW 28A.535.050.