RCW 28A.400.330

Crimes against childrenContractor employeesTermination of contract.

The school district board of directors shall include in any contract for services with an entity or individual other than an employee of the school district a provision requiring the contractor to prohibit any employee of the contractor from working at a public school who has contact with children at a public school during the course of his or her employment and who has pled guilty to or been convicted of any felony crime specified under RCW 28A.400.322. The contract shall also contain a provision that any failure to comply with this section shall be grounds for the school district immediately terminating the contract.
[ 2009 c 396 § 3; 1989 c 320 § 4. Formerly RCW 28A.58.1002.]


Severability1989 c 320: See note following RCW 28A.410.090.