RCW 28A.525.176

Allotment of appropriations for school plant facilitiesConsultatory and advisory service from the superintendent of public instruction.

The superintendent of public instruction shall furnish to school districts seeking state assistance under the provisions of RCW 28A.525.162 through 28A.525.180 consultatory and advisory service in connection with the development of school building programs and the planning of school plant facilities.
[ 2006 c 263 § 316; 1990 c 33 § 461; 1974 ex.s. c 56 § 6; 1969 ex.s. c 244 § 9. Formerly RCW 28A.47.808, 28.47.808.]


FindingsPurposePart headings not law2006 c 263: See notes following RCW 28A.150.230.
Severability1974 ex.s. c 56: See note following RCW 28A.525.162.
Severability1969 ex.s. c 244: See note following RCW 28A.525.162.