PDFRCW 28B.07.070

Agreements with participantParticipant's payment of certain costs and expenses.

In connection with any bonds issued by the authority, the authority shall enter into agreements with participants which shall provide for the payment by each participant of amounts which shall be sufficient, together with other revenues available to the authority, if any, to: (1) Pay the participant's share of the administrative costs and expenses of the authority; (2) pay the costs of maintaining, managing, and operating the project or projects financed by the authority, to the extent that the payment of the costs has not otherwise been adequately provided for; (3) pay the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on outstanding bonds of the authority issued in respect of such project or projects as the same shall become due and payable; and (4) create and maintain reserves required or provided for in any bond resolution or trust indenture authorizing the issuance of such bonds of the authority. The payments shall not be subject to supervision or regulation by any department, committee, board, body, bureau, or agency of the state other than the authority.
[ 1983 c 169 § 7.]