PDFRCW 28B.07.080

Moneys deemed trust fundsAgreement or trust indenture with bank or trust company authorized.

All moneys received by or on behalf of the authority under this chapter, whether as proceeds from the sale of bonds or from participants or from other sources shall be deemed to be trust funds to be held and applied solely as provided in this chapter. The authority, in lieu of receiving and applying the moneys itself, may enter into an agreement or trust indenture with one or more banks or trust companies having the power and authority to conduct trust business in the state to:
(1) Perform all of any part of the obligations of the authority with respect to: (a) Bonds issued by it; (b) the receipt, investment, and application of the proceeds of the bonds and moneys paid by a participant or available from other sources for the payment of the bonds; (c) the enforcement of the obligations of a participant in connection with the financing or refinancing of any project; and (d) other matters relating to the exercise of the authority's powers under this chapter;
(2) Receive, hold, preserve, and enforce any security interest or evidence of security interest granted by a participant for purposes of securing the payment of the bonds; and
(3) Act on behalf of the authority or the holders or owners of bonds of the authority for purposes of assuring or enforcing the payment of the bonds, when due.
[ 1983 c 169 § 8.]