PDFRCW 28B.10.031

Check cashing privileges.

(1) Any institution of higher education may, at its option and after the approval by governing boards, accept in exchange for cash a payroll check, expense check, financial aid check, or personal check from a student or employee of that institution of higher education in accordance with the following conditions:
(a) The check shall be drawn to the order of cash or bearer and be immediately payable by a drawee financial institution;
(b) The person presenting the check to the institution of higher education shall produce identification that he or she is currently enrolled or employed at the institution of higher education; and
(c) The payroll check, expense check, or financial aid check shall have been issued by the institution of higher education.
(2) In the event that any personal check cashed under this section is dishonored by the drawee financial institution when presented for payment, the institution of higher education, after giving notice of the dishonor to the student or employee and providing an opportunity for a brief adjudicative proceeding, may:
(a) In the case of a student, place a hold on the student's enrollment and transcript records until payment in full of the value of the dishonored check and reasonable collection fees and costs;
(b) In the case of an employee, withhold from the next payroll check or expense check the full amount of the dishonored check plus a collection fee. In the case that the employee no longer is employed by the institution of higher education at time of dishonor, then the institution of higher education may pursue other legal collection efforts that are to be paid by the drawer or endorser of the dishonored check along with the full value of the check.
[ 1993 c 145 § 1.]