PDFRCW 28B.10.900

"Hazing" defined.

As used in RCW 28B.10.901 and 28B.10.902, "hazing" includes any act committed as part of a person's recruitment, initiation, pledging, admission into, or affiliation with a student organization, athletic team, or living group, or any pastime or amusement engaged in with respect to such an organization, athletic team, or living group that causes, or is likely to cause, bodily danger or physical harm, or serious psychological or emotional harm, to any student or other person attending a public or private institution of higher education or other postsecondary educational institution in this state, including causing, directing, coercing, or forcing a person to consume any food, liquid, alcohol, drug, or other substance which subjects the person to risk of such harm, regardless of the person's willingness to participate. "Hazing" does not include customary athletic events or other similar contests or competitions.
[ 2022 c 209 § 1; 1993 c 514 § 1.]


Short title2022 c 209: "This act may be known and cited as the Sam's law act." [ 2022 c 209 § 7.]