PDFRCW 28B.10.904

HazingCode of conductEducational program.

(1) Each public and private institution of higher education shall prohibit in its code of conduct hazing off campus as well as on campus.
(2) Beginning with the 2022 fall term, each public and private institution of higher education shall provide students with an educational program on hazing and the dangers of and prohibition on hazing, which shall include information regarding hazing awareness, prevention, intervention, and the institution's policy on hazing. The educational program may be offered in person or electronically. The institution must incorporate the educational program as part of new student orientation sessions. The educational program must be posted on each institution's public website for parents, legal guardians, and volunteers to view.
(3) Institutional materials on student rights and responsibilities given to student organizations, athletic teams, or living groups, either electronically or in hard copy form, shall include a statement on the institution's antihazing policy and on the dangers of hazing.
[ 2022 c 209 § 2.]


Short title2022 c 209: See note following RCW 28B.10.900.