PDFRCW 28B.10.910

Students with disabilitiesCore services.

Each student with one or more disabilities is entitled to receive a core service only if the service is reasonably needed to accommodate the student's disabilities. The requesting student shall make a reasonable request for core services in a timely manner and the institution of higher education or agency providing the service shall respond reasonably and in a timely manner.
[ 1994 c 105 § 2.]


Intent1994 c 105: "It is a fundamental aspiration of the people of Washington that individuals be afforded the opportunity to compete academically. Accordingly, it is an appropriate act of state government, in furtherance of this aspiration, to make available appropriate support services to those individuals who are able to attend college by virtue of their potential and desire, but whose educational progress and success is hampered by a lack of accommodation.
Furthermore, under existing federal and state laws, institutions of higher education are obligated to provide services to students with disabilities. The legislature does not intend to confer any new or expanded rights, however, the intent of this act is to provide a clearer, more succinct statement of those rights than is presently available and put Washington on record as supporting those rights.
It is the intent of the legislature that these services be provided within the bounds of the law. Therefore, the institution of higher education's obligations to provide reasonable accommodations are limited by the defenses provided in federal and state statutes, such as undue financial burden and undue hardship." [ 1994 c 105 § 1.]