PDFRCW 28B.10.924

Aviation biofuel demonstration projectIncome from commercialization of patents, copyrights, proprietary processes, or licensesDeposit of proportionate percentage of income.

If a state university or foundation derives income from the commercialization of patents, copyrights, proprietary processes, or licenses developed by the forest biomass to aviation fuel demonstration project in section 2, chapter 217, Laws of 2011, a percentage of that income, proportionate to the percent of state resources used to develop and commercialize the patent, copyright, proprietary process, or license must be deposited in the state general fund.
[ 2011 c 217 § 3.]


Findings2011 c 217: "The legislature finds that the work that is already underway in exploring the potential of linking Washington's forest products and aeronautics industries in producing a sustainable aviation biofuel with feedstock from the state's public and private forestlands is important to this state's economy and its sustainable energy policies. The sustainable aviation fuel Northwest initiative has set the stage by beginning the process and initiating stakeholder involvement in assessing the options for developing the biofuel industry in the Northwest.
The legislature further finds that the work that is being done by the department of natural resources and our state research universities in exploring opportunities to develop aviation biofuel in Washington will provide the scientific and technological analyses needed to determine a pathway for the sustainable use of forest biomass to produce biofuels." [ 2011 c 217 § 1.]