PDFRCW 28B.15.120

Board of trustees or regentsAnnual budget requirements.

(1) The board of trustees or regents of each of the state's colleges and universities under RCW 28B.15.005 must specifically approve in an open public meeting, the annual budget for its programs for intercollegiate athletic competition in advance of any expenditure for that fiscal year.
(2) If a college or university's programs experience an operating deficit at the end of any fiscal year, the board of trustees or regents must:
(a) Approve a plan for how the programs will reduce operating deficits in future fiscal years;
(b) Conspicuously post to the college or university's website the financial statements of the programs for the three prior fiscal years and the plan in (a) of this subsection. Any public records request for a copy of the financial statements or plan must be at no cost to the requester;
(c) Approve in advance any transfer exceeding two hundred fifty thousand dollars; and
(d) Except as provided in subsection (3) of this section, approve in advance any expenditure over two hundred fifty thousand dollars that was not included in the approved annual budget, in an open public meeting.
(3) Approval of an expenditure by the board of trustees or regents may occur at the next regularly scheduled board meeting after the expenditure if the expenditure is:
(a) Time sensitive and the net fiscal impact of the expenditure results in a direct revenue gain to the program; or
(b) Required to meet an immediate public safety need.
(4) Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this subsection apply throughout this section:
(a) "Expenditure" means any discrete purchase, payment, contract amendment, or expense, unless that expenditure is required to meet an immediate public safety need.
(b) "Operating costs" means all direct and indirect costs to operate the programs including the value of any costs that are typically charged to departments, but have been waived by the college or university. Waived costs include, but are not limited to the value of tuition waivers for student athletes and any internal or central service costs not charged to the programs.
(c) "Operating deficit" means the amount by which the aggregate operating costs of the programs exceeds the aggregated receipts and revenue directly generated by the programs in the fiscal year, plus any transfers of reserves that were originally generated directly by the athletic department account.
(d) "Programs for intercollegiate athletic competition" or "programs" means those programs established under RCW 28B.10.703.
(e) "Transfers" means any transfer of moneys to an account used by programs for intercollegiate athletic competition from any account that holds moneys not directly generated by the programs.
[ 2018 c 292 § 1.]