PDFRCW 28B.15.605

Refunds or cancellation of feesCommunity colleges and technical colleges.

(1) The governing boards of the community colleges and technical colleges shall refund or cancel up to one hundred percent but no less than eighty percent of the tuition and services and activities fees if the student withdraws from a college course or program before the sixth day of instruction of the regular quarter for which the fees have been paid or are due. If the student withdraws on or after the sixth day of instruction, the governing boards shall refund or cancel up to fifty percent but no less than forty percent of the fees provided such withdrawal occurs within the first twenty calendar days following the beginning of instruction. However, if a different policy is required by federal law in order for the college to maintain eligibility for federal funding of programs, the governing board may adopt a refund policy that meets the minimum requirements of the federal law and the policy may treat all students attending the institution in the same manner.
(2) The governing boards of the respective community college or technical college shall adopt rules consistent with subsection (1) of this section for the refund of tuition and fees for the summer quarter and for courses or programs that begin after the start of the regular quarter.
(3) The governing boards of community colleges and technical colleges may extend the refund or cancellation period for students who withdraw for medical reasons and shall adopt policies that comply with RCW 28B.10.270 for students who are called into the military service of the United States.
[ 2004 c 161 § 3; 1995 c 36 § 2.]


Effective date2004 c 161: See note following RCW 28B.10.270.
Effective date1995 c 36: See note following RCW 28B.15.600.