PDFRCW 28B.15.792

Effective communicationPrinciples.

The Washington state legislature affirms the following principles:
(1) Washington's college and university students are entitled to excellent instruction at the state's institutions of higher education. Excellent education requires the ability to communicate effectively in college classrooms and laboratories.
(2) The presence of students, faculty, and staff from other countries on Washington's college campuses enriches the educational experience of Washington's students and enhances scholarship and research at the state's colleges and universities.
(3) With the exception of courses designed to be taught primarily in a foreign language, undergraduate students shall be provided with classroom instruction, laboratory instruction, clinics, seminars, studios, and other participatory and activity courses by a person fluent in both the spoken and written English language.
(4) Persons of all nationalities, races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds are welcome and valued in the state of Washington.
[ 1991 c 228 § 2.]