Chapter 28B.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 28B.20.010Designation.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.020Purpose.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.054CreditsStatewide transfer policy and agreementEstablishment.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.055"Major line" defined.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.057Major lines common to University of Washington and Washington State University.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.060Courses exclusive to University of Washington.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.100RegentsAppointmentTermsVacanciesQuorum.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.105RegentsOrganization and conduct of businessBylaws, rules and regulationsOpen public meetings.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.110RegentsSecretaryTreasurerDutiesTreasurer's bond.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.115RegentsOaths.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.116RegentsExpenses.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.117RegentsAttorney general as advisor.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.130Powers and duties of regentsGeneral.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.134Powers and duties of regentsConsent to sale of university granted lands.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.135Powers and duties of regentsEmployment of architects, engineers, for construction of buildings and facilities.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.140Powers and duties of regentsContracts for erection of buildings or improvements.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.145Powers and duties of regentsRegents' spending limited by income.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.150Endowment investmentsDisclosure of private fund informationConflicts of interest.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.200FacultyCompositionGeneral powers.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.250Liability coverage of university personnel and studentsAuthorizedScope.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.253Liability coverage of university personnel and studentsSelf-insurance revolving fund.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.255Liability coverage of university personnel and studentsAs exclusive authority.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.277Mathematics, engineering, and science achievement programEstablishment and administration through university.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.298Clean energy research, development, manufacturing, and marketingFindingsPolicy.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.300Schools of medicine, dentistry, and related health servicesAuthorization.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.305Schools of medicine, dentistry, and related health servicesPurpose.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.308Global Asia institute.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.315Drug testing laboratoryServiceEmployees as expert witnesses, traveling expenses and per diem.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.320Marine biological preserveEstablished and describedUnlawful gathering of marine biological materialsPenalty.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.328Lease of lands with outdoor recreation potentialRestrictionsUnlawful to use posted lands.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.330Rights-of-way to railroads and streetcar railwaysConditions.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.332Rights-of-way to railroads and streetcar railwaysRegents to make agreement.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.334Rights-of-way to railroads and streetcar railwaysForm of deedCertified copy filed.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.336Rights-of-way to railroads and streetcar railwaysDeed conveys conditional easement.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.340University site dedicated for street and boulevard purposesDescription.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.342University site dedicated for street and boulevard purposesLocal assessments barred against site.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.344University site dedicated for street and boulevard purposesEminent domain may not be exercised against site.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.3501947 conveyance for arboretum and botanical garden purposesDescription.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.3521947 conveyance for arboretum and botanical garden purposesDeed of conveyance.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.3541947 conveyance for arboretum and botanical garden purposesPart may be conveyed by regents to city of Seattle.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.3561947 conveyance for arboretum and botanical garden purposesReversion for unauthorized useReconveyance for highway purposes.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.3601939 conveyance of shorelands to universityDescription.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.3621939 conveyance of shorelands to universityDeed of conveyance.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.3641939 conveyance of shorelands to universityGrant for arboretum and botanical garden purposesReversion for unauthorized useReconveyance for highway purposes.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.370Transfer of certain Lake Union shorelands to university.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.381"University tract" defined.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.382University tractConditions for sale, lease, or lease renewalInspection of recordsDeposit of proceedsUniversity of Washington facilities bond retirement account.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.394University tractPowers of regentsAgreements to pay for governmental services.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.395University tractPowers of regents, generally.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.396University tractBonding authority.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.398University tractPowers of regentsBond issuanceCovenantsRedemptionAction for compliance.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.410Center for research and training in intellectual and developmental disabilitiesEstablished.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.412Center for research and training in intellectual and developmental disabilitiesAdministration.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.414Center for research and training in intellectual and developmental disabilitiesPurpose.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.420Graduate scholarships for engineering researchEstablished.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.422Graduate scholarships for engineering researchStudies publishedDirection of programQualifications for candidates.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.440University hospital.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.445Child and adolescent psychiatry residency programRequirement to offer additional residency position.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.450Occupational and environmental research facilityConstruction and maintenance authorizedPurpose.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.452Occupational and environmental research facilityIndustry to share costs.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.454Occupational and environmental research facilitySubmission of industrial and occupational health problems to facilityAvailability of information.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.456Occupational and environmental research facilityAdvisory committee.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.458Occupational and environmental research facilityAcceptance of loans, gifts, etc.Presentment of vouchers for payments from accident and medical aid funds.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.462Warren G. Magnuson institute for biomedical research and health professions trainingEstablished.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.464Warren G. Magnuson institutePurposes.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.466Warren G. Magnuson instituteEndowment fund earnings.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.472Warren G. Magnuson instituteLocal endowment fund.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.475Sea grant programGeoduck aquacultureScientific research studiesReports.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.476Sea grant programGeoduck aquaculture research account.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.478Center for human rights.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.4781Center for human rightsReports.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.500Medical students from rural areasAdmission preference.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.502Medical cannabis research.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.510Behavioral health and suicide preventionStatewide resource.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.520Behavioral health and suicide preventionData.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.522Suicide prevention training modulesConstruction industry.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.530Behavioral health innovation and integration campus.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.535Behavioral health innovation and integration campusTeaching facility.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.540Diversity in clinical trials.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.545Alternative jet fuelsEmissions of ultrafine and fine particulate matter.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.700Construction, remodeling, improvement, financing, etc., authorized.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.705Definitions.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.710Contracts, issuance of evidences of indebtedness, acceptance of grants.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.715BondsIssuance, sale, form, term, interest, etc.CovenantsUse of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.720University of Washington bond retirement fundCompositionPledge of building fees.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.721Revenues derived from certain university lands deposited in University of Washington bond retirement fund.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.725Additional powers of boardIssuance of bonds, investments, transfer of funds, etc.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.730Refunding bonds.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.735Bonds not general obligationsLegislature may provide additional means of payment.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.740RCW 28B.20.700 through 28B.20.740 as concurrent with other laws.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.744University buildings and facilities for critical patient care or specialized medical researchAlternative process for awarding contractsReports.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.745Validation1959 c 193.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.746Development of curriculum for pharmacy students on suicide assessment, treatment, and managementWork group.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.770Acquisition, construction, equipping and betterment of lands, buildings and facilities at universities and The Evergreen State College.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.800Revenues derived from certain university lands and income from university permanent fund deposited in University of Washington bond retirement fundCovenant.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.805Revenues derived from certain university lands and income from university permanent fund deposited in University of Washington bond retirement fundRatification of previous transfers.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.810Revenues derived from certain university lands and income from university permanent fund deposited in University of Washington bond retirement fundTransfers of certain funds and investments from university permanent fund to University of Washington bond retirement fund and University of Washington building account.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.820Revenues derived from certain university lands and income from university permanent fund deposited in University of Washington bond retirement fundRCW 79.64.040 not affected.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.830Collaborative for the advancement of telemedicineReportsOpen meetings.
HTMLPDF 28B.20.835Domestic violence center of excellencePlan.


Acquisition of property, powers: RCW 28B.10.020.
Admission requirements: RCW 28B.10.050.
AIDS, education and training: Chapter 70.24 RCW.
Athletic printing and concessions, bids required: RCW 28B.10.640.
Board of regents, museum managed by: RCW 27.40.040.
Bond issues for buildings and facilities: RCW 28B.10.300 through 28B.10.330.
Branch campusesCentral Puget Sound area: RCW 28B.45.020.
British ColumbiaTuition and feesReciprocity with Washington: RCW 28B.15.756.
Buildings and facilities
borrowing money for: RCW 28B.10.300(4).
no state liability: RCW 28B.10.330.
rate of interest: RCW 28B.10.325.
contracts for construction and installation: RCW 28B.10.300(1).
contracts to pay as rentals the costs of acquiring: RCW 28B.10.300(5).
lease of campus lands for: RCW 28B.10.300(3).
purchase or lease of land for: RCW 28B.10.300(2).
use of buildings and facilities acquired: RCW 28B.10.305.
Campus approach highway authorized: RCW 47.20.590.
acquisition of property for: RCW 47.20.600.
condemnation for: RCW 47.20.610.
measure of damage to buildings: RCW 47.20.620.
use declared public use: RCW 47.20.605.
sale of buildings and personalty acquired in acquisition of land: RCW 47.20.630.
Seattle city ordinance requisite: RCW 47.20.635.
Commercial activities by institutions of higher educationDevelopment of policies governing: Chapter 28B.63 RCW.
Corrections mental health centerCollaborative arrangement with University of Washington: RCW 72.09.350.
County hospitals, contracts with state universities relating to medical services, teaching and research: RCW 36.62.290.
Courses, studies, and instruction
graduate work: RCW 28B.10.120.
physical education: RCW 28B.10.700.
Development of methods and protocols for measuring educational costs: RCW 43.41.415.
Eminent domain by: RCW 28B.10.020.
Entrance requirements: RCW 28B.10.050.
Eye protection, public educational institutions: RCW 70.100.010 through 70.100.040.
Faculty members and employees
annuity and retirement plans: RCW 28B.10.400 through 28B.10.423.
insurance: RCW 28B.10.660.
Faculty members of institutions of higher education, remunerated professional leaves for: RCW 28B.10.650.
Fetal alcohol screening and assessment services: RCW 71.24.605.
Flag, display: RCW 28B.10.030.
Forest products institute: Chapter 76.44 RCW.
demonstration forest and experiment station, exchange of granted lands for other lands for purposes of: RCW 79.17.030.
institute of forest products: Chapter 76.44 RCW.
state university permanent fund, created, source: RCW 43.79.060.
university building fund, created: RCW 43.79.080.
University of Washington fund abolished and moneys transferred to general fund: RCW 43.79.071.
university permanent fund, investment in regents' revenue bonds: RCW 43.84.140.
Governing body of recognized student association at college or university, open public meetings act applicable to: RCW 42.30.200.
Highly capable studentsEarly entrance program or transition school: RCW 28A.185.040.
IdahoTuition and feesReciprocity with Washington: RCW 28B.15.750.
Institute of forest products: Chapter 76.44 RCW.
Insurance for officers, employees and students: RCW 28B.10.660.
Liquor revolving fund, alcoholism and drug abuse research, use for: RCW 66.08.180.
Museum, designated as state natural history and anthropology museum: RCW 27.40.010.
Olympic natural resources center: RCW 43.30.810.
OregonTuition and feesReciprocity with Washington: RCW 28B.15.730 through 28B.15.734.
Parking facilities: RCW 28B.10.300.
Police force: RCW 28B.10.550 through 28B.10.567.
Real property
acquisition of authorized: RCW 28B.10.020.
demonstration forest and experiment station, exchange of granted lands for other lands for purposes of: RCW 79.17.030.
eminent domain by railroads and canal companies against: RCW 81.36.010.
sale of land or valuable materials fixing date of sale: RCW 79.11.120.
legislative or board of regents consent required for: RCW 79.11.010.
procedure: RCW 79.11.120.
state lands, included: RCW 79.02.010.
insurance: RCW 28B.10.660.
loan fund under national defense education act: RCW 28B.10.280.
training courses for: RCW 28B.10.140.
use of district schools for training: RCW 28B.10.600 through 28B.10.605.
Toxicological laboratories: RCW 68.50.107.
Traffic regulations, penalty for violations: RCW 28B.10.560.