PDFRCW 28B.20.464

Warren G. Magnuson institutePurposes.

The purposes of the Warren G. Magnuson institute for biomedical research and health professions training are as follows:
(1) Supporting one or more individuals engaged in biomedical research into the causes of, the treatments for, or the management of diabetes is the primary purpose of the institute;
(2) Providing financial assistance to students in graduate or postgraduate training programs in the health professions at the university is the secondary purpose of the institute;
(3) Supporting biomedical research into the causes of, the treatment for, or the management of Parkinson's disease, osteoporosis, or any other disease or medical disorder where the achievement of a significant result in the near term is especially promising; and
(4) Enhancing the training, research, and public service missions of the health sciences schools of the University of Washington.
[ 1990 c 282 § 2.]