PDFRCW 28B.20.466

Warren G. Magnuson instituteEndowment fund earnings.

Unless designated otherwise by donors, the earnings on the endowment fund in RCW 28B.20.472 shall be distributed as follows:
(1) Earnings on the first seven hundred fifty thousand dollars shall be expended at the direction of the dean of the school of medicine, in support of one or more individuals engaged in biomedical research into the causes of, the treatments for, or the management of diabetes;
(2) Earnings on the next two hundred fifty thousand dollars shall be expended to provide financial assistance to students in graduate or postgraduate training programs in the health professions at the university, including: Medicine, nursing, public health and community medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and social work. At least one such student at all times shall be in a career pathway preparing for or engaged in research related to diabetes, its antecedents, or complications; and
(3) Earnings on additional funds within the endowment may be used for any purpose of the institute as outlined in RCW 28B.20.464.
[ 1990 c 282 § 3.]