PDFRCW 28B.20.746

Development of curriculum for pharmacy students on suicide assessment, treatment, and managementWork group.

The schools of pharmacy at the University of Washington and Washington State University shall convene a work group to jointly develop a curriculum on suicide assessment, treatment, and management for pharmacy students. The curriculum must include material on identifying at-risk patients and limiting access to lethal means. When developing the curriculum, the schools shall consult with experts on suicide assessment, treatment, and management, and with the safe homes task force created in *RCW 43.70.445 on appropriate suicide awareness and prevention messaging. The schools of pharmacy shall submit a progress report to the governor and the relevant committees of the legislature by December 1, 2016.
[ 2016 c 90 § 6.]


*Reviser's note: RCW 43.70.445 expired July 1, 2021.
Findings2016 c 90: See note following RCW 43.70.442.