PDFRCW 28B.30.150

RegentsGeneral powers and duties.

The regents of Washington State University, in addition to other duties prescribed by law, shall:
(1) Have full control of the university and its property of various kinds, except as otherwise provided by law.
(2) Employ the president of the university, his or her assistants, members of the faculty, and employees of the university, who, except as otherwise provided by law, shall hold their positions during the pleasure of said board of regents.
(3) Establish entrance requirements for students seeking admission to the university which meet or exceed the standards specified under RCW 28B.77.020. Completion of examinations satisfactory to the university may be a prerequisite for entrance by any applicant, at the university's discretion. Evidence of completion of public high schools and other educational institutions whose courses of study meet the approval of the university may be acceptable for entrance.
(4) Establish such colleges, schools, or departments necessary to carry out the purpose of the university and not otherwise proscribed by law.
(5) Offer new degree programs, offer off-campus programs, participate in consortia or centers, contract for off-campus educational programs, and purchase or lease major off-campus facilities in accordance with RCW 28B.77.080.
(6) With the assistance of the faculty of the university, prescribe the courses of instruction in the various colleges, schools, and departments of the institution and publish the necessary catalogues thereof.
(7) Collect such information as the board deems desirable as to the schemes of technical instruction adopted in other parts of the United States and foreign countries.
(8) Provide for holding agricultural institutes including farm marketing forums.
(9) Provide that instruction given in the university, as far as practicable, be conveyed by means of laboratory work and provide in connection with the university one or more physical, chemical, and biological laboratories, and suitably furnish and equip the same.
(10) Provide training in military tactics for those students electing to participate therein.
(11) Establish a department of elementary science and in connection therewith provide instruction in elementary mathematics, including elementary trigonometry, elementary mechanics, elementary and mechanical drawing, and land surveying.
(12) Establish a department of agriculture and in connection therewith provide instruction in physics with special application of its principles to agriculture, chemistry with special application of its principles to agriculture, morphology and physiology of plants with special reference to common grown crops and fungus enemies, morphology and physiology of the lower forms of animal life, with special reference to insect pests, morphology and physiology of the higher forms of animal life and in particular of the horse, cow, sheep, and swine, agriculture with special reference to the breeding and feeding of livestock and the best mode of cultivation of farm produce, and mining and metallurgy, appointing demonstrators in each of these subjects to superintend the equipment of a laboratory and to give practical instruction therein.
(13) Establish agricultural experiment stations in connection with the department of agriculture, including at least one in the western portion of the state, and appoint the officers and prescribe regulations for their management.
(14) Grant to students such certificates or degrees, as recommended for such students by the faculty.
(15) Confer honorary degrees upon persons other than graduates of the university in recognition of their learning or devotion to literature, art, or science when recommended thereto by the faculty: PROVIDED, That no degree shall ever be conferred in consideration of the payment of money or the giving of property of whatsoever kind.
(16) Adopt plans and specifications for university buildings and facilities or improvements thereto and employ skilled architects and engineers to prepare such plans and specifications and supervise the construction of buildings or facilities which the board is authorized to erect, and fix the compensation for such services. The board shall enter into contracts with one or more contractors for such suitable buildings, facilities, or improvements as the available funds will warrant, upon the most advantageous terms offered at a public competitive letting, pursuant to public notice under rules established by the board. The board shall require of all persons with whom they contract for construction and improvements a good and sufficient bond for the faithful performance of the work and full protection against all liens.
(17) Except as otherwise provided by law, direct the disposition of all money appropriated to or belonging to the state university.
(18) Receive and expend the money appropriated under the act of congress approved May 8, 1914, entitled "An Act to provide for cooperative agricultural extension work between the agricultural colleges in the several States receiving the benefits of the Act of Congress approved July 2, 1862, and Acts supplemental thereto and the United States Department of Agriculture" and organize and conduct agricultural extension work in connection with the state university in accordance with the terms and conditions expressed in the acts of congress.
(19) Except as otherwise provided by law, to enter into such contracts as the regents deem essential to university purposes.
(20) Acquire by lease, gift, or otherwise, lands necessary to further the work of the university or for experimental or demonstrational purposes.
(21) Establish and maintain at least one agricultural experiment station in an irrigation district to conduct investigational work upon the principles and practices of irrigational agriculture including the utilization of water and its relation to soil types, crops, climatic conditions, ditch and drain construction, fertility investigations, plant disease, insect pests, marketing, farm management, utilization of fruit by-products, and general development of agriculture under irrigation conditions.
(22) Supervise and control the agricultural experiment station at Puyallup.
(23) Establish and maintain at Wenatchee an agricultural experiment substation for the purpose of conducting investigational work upon the principles and practices of orchard culture, spraying, fertilization, pollenization, new fruit varieties, fruit diseases and pests, by-products, marketing, management, and general horticultural problems.
(24) Accept such gifts, grants, conveyances, devises, and bequests, whether real or personal property, in trust or otherwise, for the use or benefit of the university, its colleges, schools, or departments; and sell, lease or exchange, invest or expend the same or the proceeds, rents, profits, and income thereof except as limited by the terms of said gifts, grants, conveyances, bequests, and devises; and adopt proper rules to govern and protect the receipt and expenditure of the proceeds of all fees, and the proceeds, rents, profits, and income of all gifts, grants, conveyances, bequests, and devises.
(25) Construct when the board so determines a new foundry and a mining, physical, technological building, and fabrication shop at the university, or add to the present foundry and other buildings, in order that both instruction and research be expanded to include permanent molding and die casting with a section for new fabricating techniques, especially for light metals, including magnesium and aluminum; purchase equipment for the shops and laboratories in mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering; establish a pilot plant for the extraction of alumina from native clays and other possible light metal research; purchase equipment for a research laboratory for technological research generally; and purchase equipment for research in electronics, instrumentation, energy sources, plastics, food technology, mechanics of materials, hydraulics, and similar fields.
(26) Make and transmit to the governor and members of the legislature upon request such reports as will be helpful in providing for the institution.
(27) Confer honorary degrees upon persons who request an honorary degree if they were students at the university in 1942 and did not graduate because they were ordered into an internment camp. The honorary degree may also be requested by a representative of deceased persons who meet these requirements. For the purposes of this subsection, "internment camp" means a relocation center to which persons were ordered evacuated by Presidential Executive Order 9066, signed February 19, 1942.
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