PDFRCW 28B.30.360

Sexual assaultOnline and clinical training programReport.

(1) The Washington State University college of nursing shall establish a program to increase the availability of qualified sexual assault nurse examiners in eastern Washington. The program must, at a minimum, include the following elements:
(a) Online training resources to provide nurses in rural and underserved communities access to at least 40 hours of didactic training;
(b) A clinical training site at the Washington State University school of nursing at which nurses may complete the clinical training requirements established by the United States department of justice; and
(c) Scholarships for nurses to complete the online training, the clinical training, or both.
(2) The Washington State University college of nursing shall submit annual reports to the appropriate committees of the legislature in accordance with RCW 43.01.036 on the use and impact of the online and clinical training established in this section.
[ 2022 c 118 § 2.]


Findings2022 c 118: "The legislature finds that:
(1) Most organizations recognize that the didactic training of health care professionals performing the medical forensic examination should consist of at least 40 hours;
(2) Training of sexual assault nurse examiners should include hands-on clinical skills training and competency checks;
(3) Disparities persist between the training that is available to nurses in rural communities, including a lack of hands-on clinical skills training and a lack of 40-hour didactic classes;
(4) Best practice for the clinical education of nurses includes the use of simulation in an interdisciplinary context;
(5) Promotion of equal access to 40-hour didactic classes and supporting the development of clinical training mechanisms will help to ensure consistency and quality of care throughout the state; and
(6) Washington State University has the capacity to offer high quality, simulation-based, inter-professional training for sexual assault nurse examiners and to increase access to education for nurses in rural communities." [ 2022 c 118 § 1.]