PDFRCW 28B.30.720

Contracts, issuance of evidences of indebtedness, bonds, acceptance of grants.

In addition to the powers conferred under existing law, the board is authorized and shall have the power:
(1) To contract for the construction, completion, reconstruction, remodeling, rehabilitation and improvement of such buildings or other facilities of the university as are or may be authorized by the legislature.
(2) To finance the same by the issuance of bonds secured by the pledge of any or all of the revenues and receipts of the bond retirement fund.
(3) Without limitation of the foregoing, to accept grants from the United States government, or any federal or state agency or instrumentality, or any public or private corporation, association, or person to aid in defraying the costs of any such projects.
[ 1969 ex.s. c 223 § 28B.30.720. Prior: 1963 c 182 § 3; 1961 ex.s. c 12 § 3. Formerly RCW 28.80.520.]