PDFRCW 28B.35.190

TrusteesFire protection services.

Subject to the provisions of RCW 35.21.779, each board of trustees of the regional universities may:
(1) Contract for such fire protection services as may be necessary for the protection and safety of the students, staff and property of the regional university;
(2) By agreement pursuant to the provisions of chapter 239, Laws of 1967 (chapter 39.34 RCW), as now or hereafter amended, join together with other agencies or political subdivisions of the state or federal government and otherwise share in the accomplishment of any of the purposes of subsection (1) of this section:
PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That neither the failure of the trustees to exercise any of its powers under this section nor anything herein shall detract from the lawful and existing powers and duties of political subdivisions of the state to provide the necessary fire protection equipment and services to persons and property within their jurisdiction.
[ 1992 c 117 § 1; 1977 ex.s. c 169 § 49. Prior: 1970 ex.s. c 15 § 28. Formerly RCW 28B.40.190, part.]


Findings1992 c 117: See note following RCW 35.21.775.
SeverabilityNomenclatureSavings1977 ex.s. c 169: See notes following RCW 28B.10.016.