PDFRCW 28B.45.040

Washington State University Vancouver.

(1) Washington State University is responsible for providing baccalaureate and graduate level higher education programs to the citizens of the southwest Washington area, under rules or guidelines adopted by the student achievement council and in accordance with proportionality agreements emphasizing access for transfer students developed with the state board for community and technical colleges. Washington State University shall meet that responsibility through the operation of a campus in the southwest Washington area.
(2) Washington State University Vancouver shall expand upper-division capacity for transfer students and graduate capacity and programs and continue to collaborate with local community colleges on coadmission and coenrollment programs. In addition, beginning in the fall of 2006, the campus may admit lower division students directly. By simultaneously admitting first-year students and sophomores, increasing transfer enrollment, coadmitting transfer students, and expanding graduate and professional programs, the campus shall develop into a four-year institution serving the southwest Washington region.
[ 2017 c 52 § 9; 2013 c 23 § 56; 2012 c 229 § 534; 2005 c 258 § 5; 1989 1st ex.s. c 7 § 5.]


Effective date2012 c 229 §§ 101, 117, 401, 402, 501 through 594, 601 through 609, 701 through 708, 801 through 821, 902, and 904: See note following RCW 28B.77.005.
FindingsIntent2005 c 258: See note following RCW 28B.45.014.