PDFRCW 28B.50.085

College boardTreasurerAppointment, duties, bondDepository.

The state board for community and technical colleges shall appoint a treasurer who shall be the financial officer of the board, who shall make such vendor payments and salary payments for the entire community and technical college system as authorized by the state board, and who shall hold office during the pleasure of the board. All moneys received by the state board and not required to be deposited elsewhere, shall be deposited in a depository selected by the board, which moneys shall be subject to the budgetary and audit provisions of law applicable to state agencies. The depository selected by the state board shall conform to the collateral requirements required for the deposit of other state funds. Disbursement shall be made by check signed by the treasurer. The treasurer shall render a true and faithful account of all moneys received and paid out by him or her and shall give bond for the faithful performance of the duties of his or her office in such amount as the board requires: PROVIDED, That the board shall pay the fee for any such bonds.
[ 1991 c 238 § 32; 1981 c 246 § 4.]


Severability1981 c 246: See note following RCW 28B.50.090.