PDFRCW 28B.50.271

Opportunity grant program.

(1) The college board shall develop and implement a workforce education program known as the opportunity grant program to provide financial and other assistance for students enrolled at qualified institutions of higher education in opportunity grant-eligible programs of study as described in RCW 28B.50.273. Students enrolled in the opportunity grant program are eligible for:
(a) Funding for tuition and mandatory fees at the public community and technical college rate, prorated if the credit load is less than full time, paid directly to the educational institution; and
(b) An additional one thousand dollars per academic year for books, tools, and supplies, prorated if the credit load is less than full time.
(2) Funding under subsection (1)(a) and (b) of this section is limited to a maximum forty-five credits or the equivalent in an opportunity grant-eligible program of study, including required related courses. No student may receive opportunity grant funding for more than forty-five credits or for more than three years from initial receipt of grant funds in one or a combination of programs.
(3) Grants awarded under this section are subject to the availability of amounts appropriated for this specific purpose.
[ 2007 c 277 § 101.]


Findings2007 c 277: "The legislature finds that:
(1) The economic trends of globalization and technological change are increasing the demand for higher and differently skilled workers than in the past;
(2) Increasing Washington's economic competitiveness requires increasing the supply of skilled workers in the state;
(3) Improving the labor market competitiveness of all Washington residents requires that all residents have access to postsecondary education; and
(4) Community and technical college workforce training programs and Washington state apprenticeship and training council-approved apprenticeship programs provide effective and efficient pathways for people to enter high wage, high skill careers while also meeting the needs of the economy." [ 2007 c 277 § 1.]
Part headings not law2007 c 277: "Part headings used in this act are not any part of the law." [ 2007 c 277 § 302.]