PDFRCW 28B.50.278

Opportunity employment and education centerOpportunity policy work groupReport by college board.

(1) An opportunity employment and education center is established within the Seattle community college district.
(2) The center shall:
(a) House various educational and social service providers and integrate access to employment, counseling, and public benefit programs and services as well as education, training, financial aid, and counseling services offered through community colleges;
(b) Identify and form partnerships with community-based organizations that enhance the services and supports provided to individuals using the center;
(c) Provide services including, but not limited to, employment security and workforce development council worksource services; job listing, referral, and placement; job coaching; employment counseling, testing, and career planning; unemployment insurance claim filing assistance; cash grant programs run by the department of social and health services; the basic food program; housing assistance; child support assistance; child care subsidies; WorkFirst and temporary assistance for needy families; general assistance and supplemental security income facilitation; vocational rehabilitation services and referrals; medicaid and medical services; alcoholism and drug addiction treatment and support act referrals; case management and mental health referrals; community college financial aid; support services; college counseling services related to career pathways and basic skills resources for English language learners; high school completion; and adult basic education; and
(d) In partnership with the state board for community and technical colleges, jointly develop evaluation criteria and performance indicators that demonstrate the degree to which the center is successfully integrating services and improving service delivery.
(3) The chancellor of the Seattle community college district and technical colleges, or the chancellor's designee, shall convene an opportunity policy work group charged with governing the opportunity employment and education center. The work group membership shall include, but not be limited to, representatives of the King county workforce development council, north Seattle community college, the employment security department, and the department of social and health services. A chair shall be chosen from among the work group's membership on an annual basis, with the position of chair rotating among participating agencies. The work group shall:
(a) Determine protocols for service delivery, develop operating policies and procedures, develop cross-agency training for agency employees located at the center, and develop a plan for a common information technology framework that could allow for interagency access to files and information, including any common application and screening systems that facilitate access to state, federal, and local social service and educational programs, within current resources and to the extent federal privacy laws allow;
(b) Develop a release of information form that may be voluntarily completed by opportunity center clients to facilitate the information sharing outlined in (a) of this subsection. The form is created to aid agencies housed at the opportunity center in determining client eligibility for various social and educational services. The form shall address the types of information to be shared, the agencies with which personal information can be shared, the length of time agencies may keep shared information on file, and any other issue areas identified by the opportunity policy work group to comply with all applicable federal and state laws;
(c) Review national best practices for program operation and provide training to program providers both before opening the center and on an ongoing basis; and
(d) Jointly develop integrated solutions to provide more cost-efficient and customer friendly service delivery.
(4) Participating agencies shall identify and apply for any federal waivers necessary to facilitate the intended goals and operation of the center.
(5) The state board for community and technical colleges shall report to legislative committees with subject areas of commerce and labor, human services, and higher education on the following:
(a) By December 1, 2010, the board, in partnership with participating agencies, shall provide recommendations on a proposed site for an additional opportunity employment and education center; and
(b) By December 1, 2011, and annually thereafter, the board shall provide an evaluation of existing centers based on performance criteria identified by the board and the opportunity policy work group. The report shall also include data on any federal and state legislative barriers to integration.
(6) All future opportunity centers shall be governed by the provisions in this section and are subject to the same reporting requirements.
[ 2013 c 23 § 57; 2010 c 40 § 1.]