PDFRCW 28B.50.532

Completion of industry certificate or credentialAgreements with skill centers.

(1) A community or technical college may enter into an agreement with a skill center within the college district to allow students who have completed a high school diploma to remain enrolled in the skill center in courses necessary to complete an industry certificate or credential in the student's career and technical program as provided by RCW 28A.245.080.
(2) Before entering an agreement, a community or technical college may require the skill center to provide evidence that:
(a) The skill center has adequate facilities and capacity to offer the necessary courses and the community or technical college does not have adequate facilities or capacity; or
(b) The community or technical college does not offer the particular industry certificate program or courses proposed by the skill center.
(3) Under the terms of the agreement, the community or technical college shall report the enrolled student as a state-supported student and may charge the student tuition and fees. The college shall transmit to the skill center an agreed-upon amount per enrolled full-time equivalent student to pay for the student's courses at the skill center.
[ 2008 c 170 § 305.]


FindingsIntent2008 c 170: See RCW 28A.700.005.