Chapter 28B.52 RCW



HTMLPDF 28B.52.010Declaration of purpose.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.025Right to organize or refrain from organizing.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.027Application of RCW 41.56.037Bargaining representative access to new employees.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.030Representatives of employee organizationRight to collective bargaining.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.035Negotiations reduced to written agreementsProvisions relating to salary increasesRestrictions.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.040Negotiated agreementsProcedures for binding arbitration.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.043Collective bargainingEmployee authorization of membership duesRevocation.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.045Collective bargainingExclusive bargaining representativeDues and other payments.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.050Academic employee may appear in own behalf.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.060CommissionMediation activitiesOther dispute resolution procedures authorized.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.065Commission's adjudication of unfair labor practicesRulesBinding arbitration authorized.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.070Discrimination prohibited.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.073Unfair labor practices.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.078Strikes and lockouts prohibitedViolationsRemedies.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.080Commission to adopt rules and regulationsBoards may request commission services.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.090Prior agreements.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.100State higher education administrative procedure act not to affect.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.110Certain communicationsPrivilege from examination and disclosure.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.200Scope of chapterLimitationsWhen attempts to resolve dispute required.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.210Scope of chapterCommunity and technical colleges faculty awards trust program.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.220Scope of chapterCommunity and technical colleges part-time academic employees.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.230Information to be provided to exclusive bargaining representative by employer.
HTMLPDF 28B.52.300Construction of chapter.